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Our Staff

Staff, Ministry Leaders & Volunteers 
Pastor Emeritus – Rev. Dr. James E. Simms
Associate Pastor – Rev. Dr. J. Van Alfred Winsett 
Associate Minister – Rev. Leola Cherry
Administrative Assistant – Sister Denise Lamar
Chairperson, Deacon Board – Deacon Garland Walker
Chairperson, Trustee Board – Trustee Cheryl Walker
Financial Secretary – Trustee Terry Thompson
Music Ministry – Sister Beverly Reynolds
Chairperson, St. Paul Development Committee – Sister Eldolia Weir 
Kingdom Men – Deacon Ron Yates
Women of the Word (W.O.W) – Deacon Valerie Graham
Youth Ministry Board – Deacon Lynette Drawn-Williamson
Sunday School – Sister Sandy Mitchell
Children’s Church – Trustee Valerie McDonald-Roberts
Usher Board – Sister Karen Thompson
Evangelism Ministry – Rev. Leola Cherry
Worship in the Park (Events Coordinator) – Sister Charmaine Bailey
Nike Mime Ministry – Charise Rose
The “Shirley Ross” Missionary Ministry – Sister Christine Smith
Hospitality Ministry – Sister Edith Davis & Sister Myra Powell 
Telephone Ministry – Deacon Shirley Ross
Media Ministry – Sister Aaliyah Bailey
Intercessory Prayer Ministry – Sister Brenda Davis
Sexton – Brother Earl Wimbush